Ryan CrawCour and I recorded a fun session for //build/ 2016:

Modeling Data for NoSQL Document Databases

Document databases are non-relational databases that store data as collections of JSON documents, such as:

   "id": "P468",
   "title": "Modeling Data for NoSQL Document Databases",
   "speakers": [
      {"name": "David Makogon"},
      {"name": "Ryan CrawCour"}
   "synopsis": "...",
   "tags": ["data"],
   "level": 200

If you hail from the relational database world, this type of embedded, denormalized document might seem a bit jarring!

Turns out: There's quite a bit to consider when modeling documents, especially when the intent is to store and query them in a database. For example:

  • Embedding vs referencing (yep, you can still reference data in other documents)
  • Normalization vs denormalization
  • Homogeneous vs heterogeneous data

In this short (30 minute) talk, Ryan and I dive into these specific challenges. We also walk through some real-world use cases we've helped our partners solve, such as:

  • Hierarchical data
  • Keyword / tag searching
  • Telemetry
  • Logging