This week's post combines two weeks of StackOverflow answers. Last week was a bit hectic, as I flew DC-->Seattle (team meetings) -->San Francisco (customer visits) -->Louisville (CodePaLOUsa conference) -->DC in 5 days, then scrambled to Northern Virginia to help out with the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp. That, along with painful airport delays due to the Air Traffic Control furloughs, kept my blogging to a minimum (read: zero).

Whining and rambling aside: here are my StackOverflow contributions from April 14-27. Strangely, three of these have been closed by the Community at Large (2 of which I disagree with their closures).

  • Determining how many messages are on a Service Bus queue (link
  • Windows Azure Security? (). This talks about connecting to an Azure-hosted VM with a database server, but limiting access. This question was closed due to being better suited for a discussionlink
  • Azure endpoint monitoring: memory usage (link
  • Optimize Windows Azure Table Storage? (link
  • Windows Azure: What is the use of Internal IP addresses? (link
  • DTC is disabled on SQL Azure; how to enable it? (link
  • How hard is it to upgrade an Azure Virtual Machine? (). This answer shows how to change VM size via PowerShell. I don't quite understand why the question was closed (aside from it not being a programming question), as it does involve API calls (via PowerShell), and I do link